Carmel Distillery is a small batch artisan distillery based in Perth, Australia

We're based in the beautiful Perth Hills and run by husband and wife team Simon, Director & Chief Alchemist, and Marie, Empress of Order.

Our mission is to create small batch spirits and liqueurs that allow you to cultivate a relationship with the Perth Hills and our community, and to take home a true taste of the region.

Our vision of “Handcrafting magical solutions, one bottle at a time” means that we craft our spirits and liqueurs by hand from start to finish. From creating the base spirit, selecting botanicals and preparing the raw ingredients, right through to bottling and labelling, it’s all done in-house ready for you to create & enjoy!

Grapes used to create gin and vodka by Carmel Distillery in the Perth Hills


I source my ingredients locally, starting with the grapes used to create my delicious base spirit, and extending through all of the local fruits used to create liqueurs. Some of the botanicals for gin simply aren’t produced locally so ingredients like juniper are sourced from ...

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Bottles and lemons used to create gin and vodka at Carmel Distillery in the Perth Hills


Because I only use local grapes, and wine, for making my neutral spirit, I’m somewhat limited in my production scheduling. This means that during vintage I’m always busy helping to harvest local grapes, both for myself and friends, and the distillery will be full of fermentation tanks ...

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Juniper berries in wooden bowl used to create gin at Carmel Distillery in Perth Hills


In setting out to produce a range of spirits and liqueurs, I first had to choose what to make, and why? The “why” was easy because I want to make spirits and liqueurs that I enjoy drinking, and that evoke memories of people, places, and experiences. Happily the abundance of local ...

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