Tasting like summer in a glass, Limoncello is a lemon liqueur that originates in Southern Italy, around the Amalfi coast. It's made from the zest of lemons, and is traditionally served chilled as an after-dinner digestivo. Due to the lemon essential oils suspended in the liqueur Limoncello is normally cloudy particularly if, like me, you keep yours in the freezer.

Making Limoncello at Carmel Distillery means following the traditional methods, and after 60kg of lemons I'm adept at weilding a lemon zester! This batch is for my good friends Eric and Lucy at La Fattoria, an authentic Italian food and wine experience nestled in the heart of the Perth Hills. I highly recommend you do yourself a favour and book in for their Nonna's Family Table. The food is to die for (be sure to check out the cakes) and they have an extensive range of estate grown Italian wine.

The pictures show the progression as the alcohol gradually strips the oils from the zest, leaving behind the ghostly husk.

So, what to do with 60kg of zested lemons? Thankfully I have some amazing neighbours who took most of them to make preserved lemons and lemon syrup. I also juiced some, and used them for garnishes because we LOVE cocktails!

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